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We pride ourselves on being quick to get to your quote and reply with  the best price possible.

Please include the date and location of your event,  and approximately how many people will be attending and the type of music.

Email us:

Call  us from Thailand:

089 587 1841   Glenn (speaks English)

098 681 1825  Simon (speaks Thai)

If calling from outside of  Thailand:  (we like WhatsApp) 

+66 89 587 1841  Glenn (English)

+66 98 681 1825  Simon  (Thai)

Email is always best.  We check in at least once a day and then have a record of our correspondence with you. 

Quote from our favorite rock band:  We rented 3 guitars and 2 amps and a keyboard to the Super Group: OneRepublic and they gave us this review: “Phuket Sound went above and beyond delivering what we needed, when we needed it, making our trip to Phuket both productive and fun. Will definitely return our business to him in the future.” – Joe Henderson, engineer/vocal producer for OneRepublic

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  1. Yes, I sent you an email. We can do that for you. Just let me know when and where in a reply to the email is best.

  2. Hello Ronald, I sent an email to you at your gmail address above.
    No problem for the guitar rental.

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