Instruments for rent

We have the following instruments to rent out to you.

Yes, we can outfit your whole band, be it Jazz/Blues/Rock/Reggae ……….

  • Cajon
  • Hartke 250 watt bass amp with 4-10’s cabinet
  • Fender Rumble 100 bass/keyboard amp
  • Fender Frontman-212R guitar amp   (100 watts)
  • Fender Frontman-25R guitar amp (25 watts) (my favorite, with big sound)
  • 3 Acoustic Takemine Guitars  (all G Series)
  • Kazuki  Acoustic Guitar (our newest, and jumbo size with pickup)
  • Taylor 815 CE Acoustic guitar. (Beautiful High End Instrument)
  • 2 Fender Stratocaster Squire guitars (one has a whammy bar)
  • 3 Bass Guitars: Fender Jaguar Squire, and Washburn, short scale Paramount  bass (all 4 string)
  • Keyboards- 88 weighted key Casio Privia.  (built in speakers and stand and bench included)
  • Keyboard: Korg Triton LE 61 keys    (comes with stand included)
  •  2 bongos with stand
  • Ukelele

We also have wireless mics, DJ equipment (click on “DJ Equipment” at top to see what’s available)

We just added the Shure   BLX288/PG58  Dual Channel Handheld Wireless System.

Epson EB-S31 video projector with 2 meter wide screen

4 music stands

Many mic stands

3 keyboard stands

Keep in mind we have 2-12″ and 2-15″ active (powered) speakers that make excellent monitors or can be used as guitar or keyboard amps also.


2 of 3 of our Takemine “G Series” Acoustic guitars. My “Go-to guitar’ is the cutaway model on the left. My practice guitar on the right. Both excellent playing (and sounding) guitars.

New Machine Blues Fest 2011                             

Taylor 815 CE acoustic (with electric pickup)

Our newest, Jumbo size Kazuki (with pickup) This guitar is becoming a big hit with customers with it’s great sound when plugged in to an amp or sound system!



Hartke Bass Amp

Korg Triton LE  with over 500 sounds

Casio 88 weighted key Privia PX-160 with bench and stand and built in speakers

Takemine Sound module

Takemine “G-Series” Black

Short scale 4 string bass guitar